Eligibility for Teacher Loan Forgiveness Texas  

Entire Process of Teacher Loan Forgiveness Texas

Teachers in Texas can now rely on Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program to enjoy some reduction on debts owed to loan providers. The applicable reduction falls between $5,000 to 17,500 and the debt can be completely forgiven after 10 years. The program was designed to move more people to join the teaching profession and raise the morale of those who are already there.

Application process

You can choose to handle the entire application process on your own by downloading the electronic form and printing it in order to fill out the required information. There are sections that should be handled by an approved administrative officer working at the school where you qualified as a teacher. Such a person can be the principal, superintendant, director or head of human resources.

There are also third parties that can help you to send in your application and you can opt for their services to avoid the involved hassles. The completed form should be sent to a guarantor and a decision to approve or deny loan forgiveness is made within 45 days. In case of a rejection, you will be informed of the reasons why your application was not successful.

Eligibility criteria

In order to get approved for the program, you shouldn’t have any unsettled payments on Direct or federal loan. Those who may have missed some payments should first make repayment plans that should be approved by the involved loan holder. There are other easy requirements including:

  • Completing five concurrent years in qualifying for teaching service
  • Practicing in a school approved for the program
  • Should be working in low-income schools

Loan Cancellation

Teachers practicing in Texas are also eligible for cancellation of amounts that they may not have settled on Federal Perkins Loan Program. This is available to those who have worked full time in elementary or schools working with students from low-income regions and those teaching in fields that are found to have shortage of teachers. There are still other eligible teachers like those working with special groups like children, infants, toddlers or youths.

The teacher should have worked for a whole academic year although there are no specified number of hours to be satisfied. This decision should be made by the school involved. It is also possible to have your debt cancelled even if you are working in multiple schools. However, this has to be confirmed by an official from one of the schools.

Teach for Texas Loan Repayment Assistance Program (TFTLRAP)

TFTLRAP is a program that was launched to assist communities facing shortage of teachers handling certain subjects. The biggest award that can be obtained in 2017 has been set at $2,500 and applications should be submitted online. There are some fields that are considered to have shortage of staff such as mathematics, science, special education, computer studies and bilingual education.

Individuals teaching in Texas can choose to apply for any of the three mentioned programs. However, they should be keen on eligibility requirements to raise the chances of their applications going through.