Know About History of Loans

The history of lending can be traced back to around 2000 BC when merchants would give out grain loans to traders/ farmers in Babylonia and Assyria. The grains would then be paid back during the harvesting season. Later, some changes were introduced by the Roman law where borrowers were required to sign off ownership of […]

How Significant Is Credit Report Score  ?

  Explaining Credit Report Scores Credit ranking is largely used by loan providers to decide whether a borrower is creditworthy. This means that your options on credit financing will be limited if your scoring is not very impressive. The highest score is set at 850 while the lowest score is set at 300. There are […]

Eligibility for Teacher Loan Forgiveness Texas  

Entire Process of Teacher Loan Forgiveness Texas Teachers in Texas can now rely on Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program to enjoy some reduction on debts owed to loan providers. The applicable reduction falls between $5,000 to 17,500 and the debt can be completely forgiven after 10 years. The program was designed to move more people to […]